Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Mining is a service that allows the mining of cryptocurrencies without the need to purchase expensive hardware or to deal with their configuration and maintenance. Through our cloud it is possible to directly purchase the computing power necessary for mining activities, according to a wide range of plans suitable for every need. The Cloud Mining service is based on our own Mining Farm, located in Umbria, Italy.
Immediately! As soon as we have processed your payment, your plan will be immediately operational and you will begin to undermine the selected cryptocurrencies. Every 24 hours the profits of the mining activity will be credited to your profile and you can decide to request them on your wallet when you want, once the minimum payment threshold has been exceeded.
For security reasons we can not reveal the exact location of our Mining Farm. Our facility is located in a safe place in Umbria, powered by renewable energy sources and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our team of expert technicians.
You can devote yourself to the mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. We constantly monitor the world of cryptocurrencies and in the future we plan to add others to our plans.

Cloud Mining presents a number of advantages over the purchase of dedicated hardware:

  1. Lower initial investment: the purchase of a mining rig or an ASIC involves a cost of several thousand euros, on the other hand with Cloud Mning you can start to undermine even with small amounts;
  3. No waiting time: no need to wait for the shipment and delivery of the hardware, our miner are already operational within our Mining Farm;
  5. You will not have to deal with the configuration or maintenance of the machines: those approaching the mining world for the first time in a homely way can underestimate the complexity of some operations;
  7. Operational continuity: electricity and connectivity of our structure are redundant to avoid the single point of failure and to minimize the periods of inactivity;
  9. You will not even have to deal with noise and temperature issues produced by machinery.
Maintenance costs include all expenses related to mining activities, including electricity, cooling, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are clearly indicated on each plan before purchase.
Mining profits are credited to your account every 24 hours, but you can request them on your wallet when you exceed a minimum threshold. This threshold is indicated on your plan and is necessary to prevent you from having to pay excessive commissions for transferring very small amounts.
We accept payments by Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoincash and Litecoin.

Our green plans are based on the use of only renewable energy, especially solar energy. As you know, solar irradiation is available only a few hours a day and varies from month to month. Our technicians have reported, in the table below, the average hours of daily light divided by month. These are the hours your miner is turned on and in production. In this way you will be able to undermine at extremely low costs with zero impact on the environment.

MonthN° hours/day

The table takes into account the actual daily insolation in the various months of the year.
You can calculate the revenue by going to one of the many sites on Internet and entering the rented power for the crypto mined. A site that we recommend iswww.coinwarz.com with a tollreance of +- 25%
The balance is updated every 24 hours. At each update an email will be sent communicating the new balance.
Once you have purchased one of the plans you can indicate your Wallet in your profile for the crediting of the related crypto; reached the minimum withdrawable you can request it through the "Withdraw Funds" option.
For ETH it is 0,1, for BTC is 0,05 and for XMR is 0,2.
The cryptocurrencies fluctuate day by day so giving a precise estimate according to our plans is difficult. You can use the calculator on the home page to calculate the daily profit. With the calculator You can check what is the daily revenue (the calculation changes from day to day depending on the difficulty you have to undermine a certain currency). If the value of the cryptocurrency grows, it will naturally increase the yield in proportion.
For each withdrawal a fee equal to 1.5% will be applied.
To date, those investing in Cloud Mining do so in a medium / long term; it is undermined in order to accumulate cryptocurrencies and then convert them when the exchange rate is cheaper; obviously when the value of the crypt grows, the yield will increase in proportion to the increase.
Cloud Mining is especially indicated for those who are taking their first steps towards the crypto world. In addition to the choice of the package to be purchased you will only have to activate your own personal Wallet for the accreditation of mined crypts; so you can start to undermine by investing even small amounts. Instead, undermining through "traditional" methods involves a rather high initial expenditure (related to the hardware) and then subsequently costs for electricity. The purchase of hardware is recommended for those who are already experienced and able to optimize the machine independently, in addition to having substantial amounts to invest. If you are interested in traditional mining you can consult our website www.miningfarmitalia.it
Yes, of course, to do this, however, you must contact us directly at the following email info@miningfarmitalia.it