Home hardware to assemble? Energy costs? Cooling down? Thanks to Cloud Mining you can forget about every problem and undermine your favorite crypto.


Choose the plan that best suits your needs, deciding the power of Mining and the cryptocurrencies you want to undermine: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the others in our catalog.


Request the payments of mined cryptocurrencies when you want and receive them directly on your wallet. Discover the comfort of the first Italian Cloud Mining platform right away!




Enjoy the power of our Mining Farm!

A new easy way to mining cryptocoins

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Start Now!

Relying on our Cloud Mining solution allows you to start cryptocurrency mining almost instantaneously. There are no waiting times on the order of machinery and materials, assembly and maintenance of miners. Our miners are ready and operational in our Mining Farm, and thanks to Cloud Mining you only buy the Hashpower necessary for the mining of your favorite crypto. Do not worry about maintenance, updates of the machines and many other technical problems that can make home mining too demanding.

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Our Mining Farm

We are one of the first companies in Italy to believe in professional mining. Our mine is located in the province of Perugia, immersed in the green Umbrian hills. We have a plant of over 350,000 KW annually powered by renewable energy, using almost total autonomy and energy independence.

Mining Farm Italia

Our structure from the technological level of view, having alarm systems and monitoring 24 hours a day. All systems are redundant to the maximum to guarantee the maximum possible operating time.


Immediately operational

You will begin to undermine immediately after payment confirmation.

Collect on your Wallet

Choose the withdrawal amount and receive it on your wallet.


No hidden costs, our commissions are always indicated.

Choose your Crypto

You can undermine Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Choose your Plan

Decide how much Hashpower to buy, according to your needs.

No worries

You will never have to deal with the mining technical aspects.

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Our Team

Mining Farm Italia is a project of Novus Chain srl, an innovative StartUp dedicated to the development of products and services based on BlockChain, born from the many years of experience of Levita srl, a hosting and cloud computing company operating in Umbria. We are one of the first companies in Italy to believe in BlockChain technology and in professional mining.


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